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The Esplanade Fund
One of our beautiful team members suffers from a difficult undiagnosed illness which can sometimes cause her to be unable to work. The advertisements you see on this page are part of what we call 'The Esplanade Fund' and go toward her medical costs and her dream tropical holiday! If you'd like to help us out and donate, please click the button below.

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Where do you get your pictures from?

The Esplanade and those who run the blog do not own any of the pictures posted.

Pictures are generally sourced from We Heart It and general photography sites on the internet.

Initially, it was our intention to link the location we found the picture at as the click-through link - however for many reasons this proved difficult.

We in no way take credit for any images posted.

Can you follow me back?

The Esplanade is a group blog and therefore cannot follow you back, however, we have created a blog called The Esplanade.followsyou which we use to follow people. If you’d like us to take a look at your blog and maybe follow back, please follow The Esplanade.followsyou .